API service is granted as beta version. It is not guaranteed service as is not needed for sensor to work. It can be turned off for maintenance and/or change implementation without providing any info or reason. It is not allowed do build commercial applications based on provided API. If you want to create such solution - please contact us first.

What is API

API is a collection of public functions that allow to read data from LookO2 devices and build custom plugins, 3rd party applications or integrations.

Public API methods
Returns basic widget
Returns basic widget 2
Returns full info about selected devices and sensor data
Returns closest LookO2 to given position
IJP for Fibaro
RSS Feed for selected Looko2
All LookO2 in our response

Argument token

In order to utilise the API you are required to provide the &token.
Please contact us if you need one.

Integrate with FIBARO

Use LookO2 in your home automation (by wronski3)

Fibaro marketplace LookO2

Need more of API?

Contact us if you need specific method for yorself