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Why LookO2

LookO2 is a smart WiFi device connected to cloud allowing you to measure PM (particluate matter) pollution.

Quick and easy installation allows you to select best place for you so you can measure exactly in place that you're in.

LookO2 devices creates complex ecosystem using cloud processing for analysis and gathering of data.

You can check status of your air quality using web based portal or via available mobile apps.

LookO2 supports smart cities and intelligent houses platform solutions.

Supported technologies:

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Multiple smart solutions in one device

Wireless communication

Thanks to built in WiFi module, configuration is easy and takes no more than 5 minutes


Simple to use API for custom made projects and applications


Utilise the possibility of mobile LookO2 and measure pollution while driving


Sophisticated reporting system


Clear, Users Friendly, Unique


Well suited to IoT and Smart Cities

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